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THAI MIS DELICIAS was founded in 2014 as “STAR FRY NOODLE CART” with the humble purpose of service to our customers the freshest produce and quality ingredients. We established enduring relationships with our customers, and the passion for food grew along with our business. Focused to keep growing.
In 2017, “Star Fry Noodle CArt” changed the name as Thai Mis Delicias and opened a 2nd TRUCK, and we expanded our menu to include a wide variety of food options and some drinks to keep guests running all day.
And 2020 THAI MIS DELCIAS was launched our 3rd truck it is with the mission of serving the best to each of our clients.
We are a company that is obsessed with our clients. Our actions, objectives, project begin, and end with the client in mind. In other words, we start with the customer and work for our customers.
When we come across something that doesn’t really work for customers, we duplicate it in hopes of making it even more successful.
We recognize that this is not a small or easy challenge, we know that there is much that we can do better, and we find tremendous energy in the many challenges and opportunities that lie ahead Luis J

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